Entre Nosotros (Between Us)

Award Winning Short Film

Joaquin and Ana have their lives sorted out. A good family, good jobs and good friends. But after the winter holidays, coming back from Joaquin's family house in the mountains, they encounter a problem that might ruin their beautiful world for good.


Glamour Dolls

Award Winning Feature Film

Adam and Ben live together, they are close friends, support each other and they like to party. They have a good life, pockets full of money, money that comes from their clients. Ben has his own sweetheart who just moved in with them and doesn't really get along with Adam.

Larry, their pimp, has a cabaret show and after a problem with the two lead actors he is forced to urgently find replacements. He offers this opportunity to Adam and Ben and suddenly they are involved in this new world of underground theatre, performing as drag queens.

On their road to success, Adam and Ben meet many people from the media industry, journalists, actors, producers, rich and powerful people; everyone is after something.

These two guys will go on a journey that will show them how sick, perverted and dangerous it could be to get involved in show business but how tempting and rewarding as well.

Showing all aspects of the industry from the underground to the most mainstream areas, from the lower class people to the most powerful individuals; Adam and Ben are about to see it all.